Doubts About SSL and HTTPS You Should Clarify

About SSL

SSL full name is Secure Sockets Layer. It is a security layer between the end user browser and server to transfer data securely. When you have installed SSL certificate on your server you can access that website via HTTPS (https://) instead of HTTP (http://). User’s browser will validate SSL certificate and finding it correct it will show the green padlock icon in the address bar as an indication of a secured connection. If Extended Validity SSL certificate is installed it will also show the organization’s registered name.

Cost for SSL

If you search over the internet about purchasing SSL certificate you will find certificates in a big range of variety. We know for today’s era of internet SSL is compulsory, our all hosting plans offer free SSL certificate to all website hosted on our server. Our SSLs are powered by Let’s Encrypt to keep the secured connection between your users and your website.

How to Install SSL on CPanel

If you are MR Cloud Hosting customer you can install SSL to your website in just a few clicks, without any technical skill requirements.
Make sure your domain is pointing to the server. If your domain is not correctly pointing to the server it will not possible to install SSL Certificate.

Step 1 : Login to CPanel ->
Step 2 : Search for SSL or Find Let’s Encrypt Option ->

Find SSL in CPanel

Let’s Encrypt SSL in CPanel

Click on Issue button to Install SSL

Install Free SSL CPanel

Step 3: Click on Issue

CPanel SSL

Free SSL is Installed

Step 4: Done, you SSL is installed.

Now your site is using SSL, you can test SSL by using great SSL testing tools, just enter your domain and it will validate your SSL. You can also open to check SSL in your browser, but make sure you have cleared cache and cookies to avoid confusion before testing.You can also see that your website is accessible via http and https, you can force your website to be loaded over https though users have tried to access over http by modifying htaccess file available in the public_html directory.
Put following code in your htaccess file to force https.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on
RewriteRule ^ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

How to Solve Mix Content Error

If you have installed SSL correctly and also found perfect via, though if you are not getting Green Address bar in your browser, it may be due to Mix Content Error. You can also see this error in browser console if you are using chrome open console by Ctrl+Shift+ I.
This error is due to content from the non-secure connection (http) on Secured pages (https) web pages. If your webpage has any file from http, and your page URL is https, you will see this kind of error.
To solve this error you have to use https in all image, css and js files. If you are using WordPress you can solve this by installing a plugin SSL Insecure Content Fixer .

You can find more at

Google about SSL
In the official Google blog, they have mentioned the importance of SSL for ranking, they have already set the algorithm to motivate SSL in a webpage by ranking up websites having SSL. They have also started marking HTTP pages as “not secure” in chrome to inform the user about connection type of website.

SEO effect due to SSL

From Google official blog it is clear that Google is giving priority to the website using the secured connection, this decision is to secure information transfer between browser and server. However, Chrome is also giving a warning about “Not Secure” to indicated user about the Non-SSL website. Which may cause losing a customer or visitors from the website.

Dedicated IP Requires SSL is a Myth.

Many times people say that to get SSL it is compulsory to have a dedicated IP, but is not true. We provide SSL to shared hosting plans and it is 100% possible to get SSL without dedicated IP.

The another myth about SSL,that it Prevents Hacker

Yes, It is true. SSL is not to make your site safe from hackers and attackers. SSL is just encrypting data transmission between server and browser. You still need to take precaution to protect your backend and server login details.

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29 Nov, 2018

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