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SEO is very popular but less monitored thing for most of business. We do tracking of SEO during initial stages of website development but with the passage of time it is not the priority of any business and that site get ignored and start losing rank with active SEO competitors . One of the best part of any SEO campaign is to monitor performance in certain conditions and situations. SEO Panel hosting is available at MR Cloud Hosting.

Here we are introducing a free SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) panel which can help you in monitoring your performance across the domain. You can add multiple websites and multiple users for monitoring various important parameters related to your website. You can visit SEO Panel official website for the documentation . Integration with Google to provide you following default google reports in one portal. Features of free SEO tool is given below:

Features of free SEO Panel

  • Google Analytics Reports including bounce rate, source, visitors and conversions
  • Webmaster Sitemap Submission ,
  • Webmaster Search Keyword,
  • Page speed checker
  • Social Media Report Summary
  • Website Analytics Summary
  • Review Report Summary
  • Website Search Summary
  • Keyword Position Checker
  • Website Auditor
  • Backlink Checker
  • Directory Submission

Installation of SEO Panel in shared hosting:

Yes, as a hosting service provider our system do support installation and full functional working of SEO Panel. You can run the same script on your localhost. MR Cloud Hosting includes softaculous which helps you in installation of this amazing free SEO monitoring plugin for your website monitoring with just one click.

Steps To Install Using MR Cloud Hosting Softaculous:

At MR Cloud Hosting we are having one click 250+ application installation feature with the help of Softaculous. You can install any scripts without manual uploading source to server or database creating hurdles. You just need to login to CPanel and you are just one click away from your fresh new installation of 250+ various applications like wordpress, SEO Panel, Magneto, Laravel etc.

Installation of SEO Panel using Softaculous
Installation of SEO Panel using Softaculous
  • To install SEO Panel just login to CPanel
  • Search for Softaculous in to search box
  • Or scroll down and click option Softaculous
  • You will be in softaculous menu
  • Search for SEO Panel
  • Click on Install
  • It will ask you for admin details and installation path. We suggest you to install on subdomain and keep your user id and password strong.
  • Your installation will be done and you are ready to go.
SEO Panel easy install Softaculous
SEO Panel easy install Softaculous

Steps To Install Using Manually

If you are on some other hosting you need to do this manually. We suggest you to shift to our hosting plan and avoid manual installation headache. Though you can try manually installation from official website . It is having download option, download the source code. Unzip the source code compressed file to the server where you are going to install. Create a database table in your control panel. You need a database user having access to that database and full privileges. Once your database is ready you can initiate installation wizard. It will ask you for basic details such as database host, port, database name, database password, and database user name.
Troubleshooting for manual installation:
– CURL Support Your hosting must have enable CURL
– You need to change the permissions on “config/sp-config.php” to be writable by all (666 or -rw-rw-rw- within your FTP Client)
– You have to also replace the permissions on the “tmp” directory , set it to writable by all (777 or -rwxrwxrwx within your FTP Client)hosting

4 May, 2020

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