HTTP Status 5 Unconventional Knowledge in Cheat Sheet

What is HTTP Status?

Status codes are issued by a server in response to a client’s request made to the server. When you browse a page, based on your request server send the status of your request. All such request is categorized into 5 categories based on the result. Don’t forget to download our Cheat Sheet on HTTP Status Code, link is at bottom of this article.

Popular HTTP Status.

404 is the popular error we have been always facing while reaching to invalid URL.  This status code tells browser and bots that the link you are looking for does not exist. If the link exists it will send response 200 to bots and browser.

Identify HTTP Status Code

You do not require any special tool to check status code of any webpage. You can check through Chrome browser by following few simple steps.
In Windows PC Press Ctrl + Shift + I or right click on webpage and select Inspect Element. Switch to Network Tab and You will see all files required by webpage with it’s status codes. You can click on file name to get more details like HTTP header, HTTP Request Method, HTTP Response Code etc.

Same option also available in Firefox Browser to identify HTTP Request Code of web page and files.

Screenshot of Chrome Inspect Element

Chrome Browser HTTP Request Code


1XX – Information
100 Continue
101 Switching Protocols
103 Checkpoint

2XX – Successful
200 OK
201 Created
202 Accepted
203 Non-Authoritative Information
204 No Content
205 Reset Content
206 Partial Content

3XX – Redirection
300 Multiple Choices
301 Moved Permanently
302 Found
303 See Other
304 Not Modified
306 Switch Proxy
307 Temporary Redirect
308 Resume Incomplete

Download PDF cheat sheet to know about All HTTP Request Code.
4XX- Client Error

5XX- Server Error

Download PDF



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15 Nov, 2018

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