Mautic Hosting An Open Source Marketing Automation

We all do marketing of our business in one or other way but for the successful conversion of leads, we need to nurture them. In this digital era, there are tons of marketing automation service providers available. Most of them are charging from 5 USD / month to 200 USD / month. Free marketing service providers are having too many limitations and lots of branding. The only solution to this category is Mautic.  

Mautic is an open source marketing automation tool, not CRM. You can integrate your existing CRM with Mautic to automate your email and SMS campaigns to achieve higher conversation and engagement rate. Apart from email and SMS automation, Mautic can score your leads, track visitors on your website, create dynamic email and landing page and also having popup and modal to add on your website including forms. The hosted version is also very popular you can have a look at official Mautic hosted version at  As mautic is open source due to some bug it is possible that you may need to hire freelancer to install or configure mautic. To avoid error while installing mautic we suggest you to try trusted hosting have necessary permissions and open ports to communicate with SMTPs and email delivery service providers like Amazon SES, Sendgrid and Elastic mail .

Manual Installation of Mautic

You can download source file form GitHub, and run “composer install” via command line and it will install dependencies in the vendor directory. For server requirement, you can visit You must need command-line access to install and configure Mautic for production use. 

MR Cloud Hosting also supports and provides one-click installation of Mautic on our shared hosting plan. We at MR Cloud Hosting provide SSH access with our Special Hosting plan.  Which is helpful in running various command to install and configure Mautic.

18 Sep, 2019

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