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Free SEO Softwares 2019

Search Engine Optimisation we can find much software based on SAS, here we have provided fully installable software to improve your website traffic. All these available software free to use.   There are tons of small tools available but here I am giving you all in one tool you must have in your PC if you are an SEO Expert. Many SAS alternatives also available for the same type of functions in the market but these are my favourite one.

Screaming Frog

It is developed by UK based company, and available in two version free and premium. As this is not a paid post or promotional post so we will discuss the only free version of this software, however for your knowledge the paid version of this software is available at £149.00 per year. We all know Google hates broken links, this software helps in finding broken links, errors and redirects.  Like other SEO software, it is also capable of analyzing meta tags, headings and page titles. It is also having inbuilt sitemap generation., identification of duplicate pages. In the free version, it has a crawling limit of 500 links. Most important features are that it is having a capacity of crawling javascript based sites. Angular, React and Vue.js are crawlable by this software. Integration with Google Analytics is also available in this software to fetch session, user data, bounce rate etc.

You can download this software from here.

WildShark SEO Spider

WildShark SEO Spider is another free SEO tool from the UK, however, I have not personally used this but received mail from a reader like you to add in the list. This tool has similar features like H Tag analyzing, broken link checking and duplicate title or content finding. This software is more oriented towards usage of H tag, overuse or missing, extra long or extra short H tag identification is given very clearly. So if you are writing a blog and want to check your content H tag usage, then this software is for you.

You can download this software from here.

This blog post is continuously adding new downloadable software and tool if you have any review or question about this feel free to comment below.

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11 Nov, 2018

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